Bail Me Out - Calls to Get Out Of Dates and Meetings

 Bail Me Out was built specifically for the Apple Watch.

Bail Me Out was built specifically for the Apple Watch.

Today my first Apple Watch app got approved.  Instead of bolting a watch experience on an existing app I wanted to build something with the Apple Watch in mind.

Bail Me Out is a very simple concept. You're stuck in a meeting that you don't need to be in but you can't just walk out. Simply open the app on your Apple Watch and tap Bail.  In a couple seconds you'll get an actual phone call on your iPhone.  Say "I need to take this", and walk out. Increasing your productivity has never been easier.

On a date? Bail Me Out also has "Bail in 5".  Simply tap Bail in 5, and you'll receive a real phone call in 5 minutes.  Ditching a date has never been so frictionless.

Don't have a watch? Bail Me Out also works perfectly on your iPhone.

Building Bail Me Out was a one weekend project.  About 5 hours to build the iOS App and WatchKit app and about 7 hours to build the backend to handle making calls.

I made a mistake and included the Apple Watch as an image within the iPhone App tutorial screen which caused a rejection. To replace the banned image, I decided to use one of Vince Vaughn's Unfinished Business stock photos.  I dropped it in the app, made another tweak or two and re-submitted.  3 days later, it was approved.

I'm super excited about the Apple Watch and had a ton of fun building for it.  I can't wait for Wearables gain more traction and become the central identity key for the internet of things. 

Download Bail Me Out on iTunes for Free and let me know what you think.